brandon west

Leader, Flip the Reeds Over

Reed diffuser sitting on a wooden table.

For the new studio remodel, I bought a reed diffuser for our small, one-person Zoom room at PHOS (AKA our quiet room, AKA our nursing moms room, AKA the Butterfly Room).  The ​​tobacco patchouli scent is a straight 10/10. So. Good. Though, I’ve noticed the smell of diffuser reeds doesn’t last all that long. Their […]

A People-First Culture Requires Being “Extra”

culture - photo of the PHOS Creative staff in a parking lot with costumes on

The other day, an agency partner applied to work at PHOS. One of the things she’s known for on the team is her jean jumpsuit. We first saw her wear it this year at Created Gainesville’s Life Reclaimed fundraiser. Afterward, the team raved about her jumpsuit. 5 stars. 10/10.